April 25, 2015

What To Say

Hi, my name is Rayyan (padahal aslinya: Rian, pelase don’t call me Rihanna, because I don’t like the way you lie to me lol), today’s we will be talking about good manners or what can also be referred to sometimes as cross-cultural skills. What does that mean? It’s skills that you need to function effectively in a different culture than your own. So for example: If I were to come to your country and learn your language, do you think that would be enough? Not really, because along with the language, I also need to learn what’s acceptable, what’s not okay in that particular culture. So today, we will be talking about six things that you need to say when you are living or working in an English speaking environment. Okay? Let’s get started.
So, we will talk about what you should say. The first one is using the word: “Please”. Now, everybody knows that you should say “please” but not everybody remembers to actually say it. So for example: if you go into a coffe shop, don’t just say: “Coffe.” Say: “Coffe, please.” Or if you are asking someone else to do something, also remember: “Could you please turn off your cellphone?”, for example. All right?
Next: remember to say “Thank You” whenever somebody does something. “Thank You”, “You are welcome”: these are phrases that we do use very often in English. And it could be for anything simple like somebody holding the door for you or it could be for something more elaborate like somebody giving you a birthday present. They way you say it, say it from your heart, okay? “Thank You.” “Thank you very much.” And so on.
The next one is to say “Sorry”, or even better to say “I’m Sorry”, because “I’m sorry” is more personal. But otherwise, at least say “sorry”. And again, you can say “sorry” for little things like perhaps stepping on someone’s foot or if you bang into someone by mistake, you bump into someone by mistake somewhere in a crowded place, still apologize, say: “I’m sorry.”, “I’m sorry.” Okay? People do use that quite often.
Next one: “Excuse me.” Now, “excuse me” you can say when you sneeze. Right? (Achoooo,!) “Excuse me.” Or if you need to ask somebody for some information, you can say: “Excuse me, would you know where the nearest subway is?” so this is a very useful expression and it’s also a polite expression.
The next one is to remember to “Greet people and also to wish people”. By greeting people, even at work if you are working in an English speaking environment, remember to say “good morning,” “good night”, “congratulations”. So greet people, and also wish them on the appropriate days.
The next one might seem obvious also, remember to say “How are you”, but again, it’s the way you do it. Even if you work in an office, in the morning, you can say: “Hey, good morning. How are you?” and when you ask: “How are you?” even though you are not expected to give a full answer, but whatever answer someone gives you, remember to listen. Don’t start talking right away. Wait to hear if the other person is saying: “Oh, pretty good. I’m fine. How are you?” Hear all of that before you start speaking about your own disposition, your own state of mind. Okay? Listen to the answer. All right?
So these are six things that you must remember to say; they are taken for granted and they are expected of you. Have a nice weekend, guys, I’m going to sleep now :p

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